Daily Routine

Daily Routine


Each morning our guests are placed into the recreation areas on a rotating basis, so their suites can be cleaned. Morning breakfasts are served along with any guests requiring medications.

We like to keep all guests quiet following their breakfast to avoid any problems brought on by excess activity following a meal. We can also monitor any dogs that are slow eaters or extremely fussy.

Guests are then exercised on a rotating basis and enjoy a playtime with a staff member playing ball or just a quiet time in the grassed play area. Health checks are done during this time on each of our guests in our care.  Kangaroos bouncing around the secure perimeter also provide great entertainment!

Afternoon meals are served and any medications are administered.

Guests are then exercised on a rotating basis before being put to bed early evening.

Play Time

We believe that our guests are happiest if they have plenty of time in our grassed recreation areas. To this end each day all guests in the bungalows receive several play times throughout the day which they do enjoy, as do our staff!  Other areas on accommodation have access to grass yards all day.


Here at Granite Hill we place a high level of importance by providing your pet a quality diet during their stay. We feed Royal Canin, a quality premium dry food, alongside a delicious Prime 100 chicken, rice and vegetable loaf. Should we find that this not to your pets liking we have alternative options. If your pet has a specific dietary requirement, bring this clearly labelled your pet will receive exactly what you supply.


Any medications your pet requires will be administered to your directions. There is a $3 charge for twice daily medications. Make sure all medications are clearly labelled with your pet’s name and instructions for administration.

Extra charges will apply for insulin dependant pets or additional care ie bandage changes etc.


Bath Time

As part of our standard of care all guests after a 3 night day are receive a lovely warm hydro-bath with shampoo and conditioner and a blow dry the day before returning home.  Prices vary depending on breed, size, length of coat etc and range from $15-$55.


To avoid the possibility of your pet coming home with any unwelcome “hitch hikers” we ask that all guests be treated with a flea treatment and a broad spectrum worm tablet before staying with us.

Veterinary Attention

Should your pet require veterinary attention we have a 24hour vet on call. Our priority is with your pet’s health and well-being and you will be advised accordingly.  Please ensure up to date contact details are provided.

  2490 Princes Hwy, Tynong VIC 3813

  03 5629 1163


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